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I founded d.e.w with the vision to design premium clothes and accessories for everyday use, with details that make them stand out and fun to use

d.e.w. is a family owned business based in Stockholm. The brand d.e.w was founded by me, Emilie Wedholm, in 2004 with focus on individually designed tailor-made clothes, later expanding into hats and fascinators.

A d.e.w design is characterised by design elements that will make the item visually stand out and practical to use. For d.e.w, the usefulness of our products is essential, and we aim to find smart solutions and produce with premium quality.

d.e.w children's accessories is a new part of the business with focus on products that are suited for higher volume production. The designs for d.e.w children's accessories are inspired by accessories I use in my everyday family life
I have two decades of professional experience designing and making clothes and accessories. I was awarded my Journeyman certificate in tailoring 2004. A decade later I was awarded my Journeyman certificate in millinery, opening up a whole new range of materials and techniques.
My passion is to combine my millinery and tailoring skills to create new designs that fit individuals and personalities, as well as solve everyday problems.

For enquiries regarding bespoke tailoring or millinery services, please contact me at